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Learn, share and discuss key English phrases, techniques and tips to tackle any negotiation.
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谈判时我们经常需要抓紧时机“move in to close”(看准机会就拉着对方往谈判结果上靠)。比如,当对方正为其他事情烦恼而无暇左顾右盼时(when the opposing party is distracted and is not able to think about this or that option),咱们可以趁此机会抽出签约合同,跟他们概括介绍一下其中的协议内容(summarize a bit about the main points in the contract),督促他们快快把合同签了(coerce them into signing as soon as possible)。当然,这一方法并不十分光明磊落,但只要咱们合同没问题,而对方又特别优柔寡断,其实这也不失为一个好法子。


negotiate distraction close English

Photo: underminingme

1。当对方因为其他琐事而暂时转移了对我们的注意力(when their minds are elsewhere because of some distraction),这时咱们可以加大力度,与他们督促尽早将事情定下来:

-I see that you're very busy, let's get this thing signed and we can go back to doing our jobs...

-You're preoccupied, I know.  How about it?  I need to get your final word on this today...

-I'll leave you to your things, but I'll need a signature on the contract today.

-Before you answer that (phone), you just need to sign here if you want the extra discount as we've just discussed with this deal.

-Wow, you're a busy man/woman.  If you'll just quickly sign here and here, then I'll be out of your way.

-I know how anxious you are to get back with what you're doing, you just sign here and we can go ahead and kick this thing into gear.


-Come on, you know it's no big deal, and I promise...

-Want me out of your way?  Then sign this parental consent form.

-I know you're busy, and I just need you to do me this one little favor...





在跟客户推销商品时我们经常还需要就某产品或服务给客户作演示,以此作为“leverage”(切入点)来博得对方的认同,而后再进一步拿下订单。这就称为“demonstration close”(与客户作示范以促进谈判结果)技巧。今天我们就一起来聊一下这个话题,也顺道学习一些常用的英语短语吧。


demonstration sales negotiate English

Photo: Augapfel

1。比如,咱们在跟客户说明有关某产品/某项服务的功能特点时(when explaining about special features or functions about a product/service)可以顺势提出与之作演示:

-Let me show you what I mean...

-If you have a moment, I would like to demonstrate for you...

-Here, you're in the driver's seat now, take this baby out for a spin...

-Care to take this for a test ride?

-Hey, don't take my word for it, see for yourself...

-People always say that “seeing is believing”, right?  Just watch...

-Need more convincing?  How about a demonstration of the product's special features, eh?

-You see...all of these special offers all rolled into one...for a super low price of...

-Here, test it out for yourself...

-Go ahead, try it on for size...

-Have a taste and tell us what you think...

2。当我们与客户说明有关其他细节分析,可能没有具体商品提供作演示时,也同样能够通过图片、视频等等多媒体,让客户领会、体会一下“what we proclaim our product or service is capable of accomplishing”(我们声称咱们产品或服务可以做到的一些成就)乃属事实:

-What will you get with subscribing to our services?  Convenience of ordering what you need at the lowest possible deals...I am going to show you exactly what I mean by that...

-I'll walk you through it with a short demonstration video...

-Pictures make for a thousand words...here's what I meant when I say (showing customer the picture)...

-Don't follow?  No problem, here is a quick presentation that will make very clear what I meant...





客户在考虑买东西时不禁会为“price on the tag”(标签上所标记的价格)太贵觉得望而却步。这时如果销售人员能够适当地给他们做一下讲解,提醒客户计算一下长远支出(calculate long-term costs),以说明为何购入咱们的商品可谓是“物超所值”的选择,这将迅速提高顾客买产品的意愿,帮我们达到销售目的。今天我们就一起来讨论一下这个谈判交涉技巧,称为“cost-of-ownership close”(讲“拥有成本”的销售促结果策略)。


cost of ownership negotiate English

Photo: stevendepolo


1。咱们可以与客户分析一下拥有这件商品,它长远的支出负担有多少,比如“after-sale service, repair, maintenance”(售后服务、修理、维修)等等的费用:

-Competing systems may seem cheaper, but when you take into account installation, maintenance and the lifetime of the product, this system is about half the price!

-The price tag doesn't tell the whole story.  This product comes with great service support and 2-year warranty.  You don't get that with the other item, even though it might seem cheaper.

-Let's break down the costs shall we?  Price tag says...but considering that it's a trusted merchandise from a trusted brand...2-year warranty...free installation...online tech support...I would still say that it is a bargain...

-We want our home appliances to last because they're such a big investment, right?  Our customers have always given us positive feedback about this washer in regards to it saving energy and having longer durability...


2。再来,“scaling the price to annual, monthly or weekly costs where the overall cost may appear scarily high”(当总体价钱乍看下可能太贵时,可将价格拆分下来,以每年、每月,或是每星期来计算),以消除客户的抵触心理:

-You know that only breaks down to around 50 RMB every month?

-This is the hottest item in the market right now and don't think that you wouldn't be able to afford it.  It'll cost as little as 100 RMB per month.

-This washer comes with a perfectly affordable payment option and a 5-year warranty.  Yours to have for only 150 RMB/month.




在跟别人谈判交涉时我们必须记得“when giving a concession”(当与对方作优惠让步)就一定需要拿下相应的条件作为交换,不然对方可能就这么“take you up on your offer without compromising anything on their side”(接受了你所提出的条件,却没给你他们一方任何的条件让步)。其实咱们在跟对方提出条件交换时(when prompting for an exchange)用词和说法也是很有讲究的,今天我们就一起来做一下了解,也学习一下相关的英语短语吧。


exchange concessions negotiate English

Photo: Andy Roberts

1。首先,咱们要记得不要用“if I...will you...”(如果我。。。那么你是否。。。)这样的说法,因为这会令我们显得非常被动,容易把最后决定权交与对方(let the opposing party have the last say in the matter)。相反地,咱们需要紧紧抓牢主动权(have a good grip on being in control):

-I will throw in a computer bag for free if you're ready to make the purchase today.

-20% discount on the table if you want to sign the sales contract this afternoon.

-Guaranteed delivery for the holidays if you place your order before December 15th.

-Free alterations with your suit and various discounts if you would like to sign up for our membership card.

-Shave another 15% off and we can sign off on the agreement right now.

-Free delivery and and I will place my order with you at the quoted price.

**这样的说法可以保证在对方未与我们相应的交换条件之前,我们也不用“concede as we said we would”(像我们说的那样,与对方做出相关的让步)。

2。再来我们还需要注意不要把我们的交换条件“phrased like it is a must or a threat”(说得像是对方必须要答应,或者以威胁的口吻),记得要“give the illusion”(给对方一个假象),似乎决定权还是在他们自己手上:

-You choose, another 500 RMB off instantly if you prefer to go with option B.

-It's up to you, I'll be able to negotiate more savings if you would consider what we have here on the table...

-Another 5% off and you will earn yourself a super happy customer that is going to tell all her friends about your shop.  What do you say?





经常我们在与客户推销产品时会试着跟他们说好话,把他们捧上天,这样就容易让他们答应购入相应的商品。我们每个人都有“ego”(自我),都喜欢“hearing good things about ourselves”(听别人与我们表扬的话),这是人性共同的弱点。但就是要注意不要做得“太过了”,让客户觉得“you're kissing up just so you can close on your sale”(你拍马屁纯粹是想要让他们购入商品,就为了促成生意),到时他们就可能“恼羞成怒”(embarrassed enough to revert and become angered),那我们可真的是“偷鸡不着蚀把米”了。



flattery sales negotiate English

Photo: Daquella manera

1。亲近你的客户,跟他们提一下“how wonderful they are”(他们是最棒的),“cast  them as experts”(把他们当作内行专家),让他们“sell to themselves”(与自己推荐)某产品/服务:

-Hi, can I help you with something?  Sure, take all the time you need...I must say you have a keen eye...this item is the latest model and is currently on sale...

-Hello, welcome.  Can I be of assistance?  Okay, just let me know if you need me...hi again, I can't help but notice that you're looking at...you definitely know your fashion, I must say...I can work out a great discount for you if you'd like to buy...

-Wow, you really know a lot about electronics.  Come here and let me show another beauty model...30% off today, what do you say?

-Thank you for being so patient.  You're wonderful.  You're looking for a camcorder, right?  Follow me and I'll show you a true bargain...


2。跟客户提一下“how others will be impressed by them with the particular merchandise/service”(其他人会为他们拥有该商品/服务而对他们刮目相看):

-This is the latest make (car), all your neighbors will be impressed...

-This is a must-have foosball table for your den.  It's definitely a cool thing to have when hanging out with the guys...

-I know you don't need me to tell you that this is a fine dress selling at a super bargain price.  It's the newest addition this spring, all of your friends will drool over this...




我们在跟顾客推销某商品时意外碰壁,有时亦可以考虑间接地跟他们同行的伙伴或友人进行游说,以求“to get through to the customers through an indirect approach”(通过一种间接的方法来达到顾客的认可)。这种“sales approach”(推销方法和技巧)就称为“companion close”(与同伴推销以促进结果)。今天我们就一起来讨论一下这个话题,也顺道学习一下一些英语短语和词汇吧。


sales technique English

Photo: Artotem

1。咱们可以“rather than sell directly to the person you are targeting, sell to a person they are with”(不直接针对销售目标人物进行推销,而是与他们的同行友人或伙伴进行说服):

-How about you Ma'am, Sir?  Wouldn't you say that 30% off is quite the deal?

-This merchandise is definitely a must-have in the kitchen and it comes with a three-year warranty too.  You're a homemaker, right, Ma'am?  How would you like to have one of these in your kitchen?

-Right, but maybe I can interest you in a rice cooker at 30% off?  We're having a sale on all the home appliance today, are you sure you don't want to take a look around too, Sir/Ma'am?

-You seem to like this too, Sir/Ma'am, what would you say is the best shade/color with this item?

-I know this is all too much to consider at this moment.  But your friend here seem to know quite a bit about cars, I must say.  He'll definitely be able to help you with making the best decision possible.

-Yes, certainly.  Talk it over with your friend here.  She definitely knows about the latest trends in fashion.  And may I remind you that this dress is on sale only for today.

2。当然,在跟朋友、家人谈判交涉时,这个技巧也非常适用,“call the bystander into the spotlight”(把那个一副事不关己样子的第三者叫出来,让他们也发个言):

-How about you?  Do you also agree with him?

-Victor doesn't seem to want to go, but are you sure that you don't want to join me for the party either, Mary?  It'll be fun.





我们在小摊上买东西时偶尔会注意到店家似乎习惯性地拿计算器出来谈价钱。这其实是一种“sales tactic”(推销技巧),因为“working on the calculator implies that you are not just quoting any price, but working out something special for this customer”(在计算器上打价格表示你并非信口雌黄,随便说一个价,而是认真在为这位顾客考虑适合他的优惠打折),这样顾客也更容易接受最后结果。今天我们就来讨论一下这个问题,也顺道学习一下相关的英语表达吧。


calculator negotiate English

Photo: Leonid Mamchenkov

1。拿出计算器与顾客谈价钱,其好处在于这样可令人觉得你是在“perform a difficult task and exude an air of authority”(做一件有一定难处的事,并且还表现出某种‘有一不说二’的绝对态度),顾客在看到你“辛苦”计算得出的结果后,“they would feel more inclined to agree with you”(他们会更为倾向于同意你的说法):

-Right, the label price is 1200.  Hold on a minute...with the sale reduction and the extra discount for today...does that look right to you?

-The total was 800...but I'm going to try and work out something special for you...with the promotion discount and free delivery...how's this for a final price?

-No?  Not what you had in mind?  Well, I'll tell you what, I would like for my customers to keep on coming back...so subtracting from that another 5% discount...now, does this look better?

-For you, my friend, let me see...I'll take another 2% off, plus 3% special discount, and throw in some extra batteries...would this total work for you?

-Just for you, I'm going to offer our membership discount, take 5% off that listed price, and here is what I have as the final price...what do you say?


2。同样的,在跟亲朋好友谈判时,如果涉及到数据计算的,身边有个计算器也可令我们“better present our conclusions”(更好地表现咱们的结论):

-You don't understand.  We simply can't afford this...look, let's calculate this out together...

-I'll show you what I mean.  Here, let's get number crunching...

-You know what our bank balance will look like after all that joy spending?  Let me show you...





我们在跟顾客谈判交涉时也会考虑在适当的时机会与他们一些意外的好处和优惠,以此来诱导他们继续跟我们谈下去,而不至于让谈判“hit a stalemate”(就此触礁)。这种销售交涉技巧通常被称为“bonus close”(意外优惠促结果技巧)或是“delighter close”(讨好对方的促结果技巧)。今天我们就一起来看一下这个技巧的应用以及相关的一些英语短语和表达吧。


bonus negotiate English

Photo: MarcinMoga/Lolek

1。当顾客因为不能接受某商品的价格而转身要走时,咱们可以试一下给他们一点意外的好处,因为毕竟“working in sales is not just about selling products but also about building relationships and getting leads”(销售工作不仅仅局限于推销、出售某产品,亦是需要与顾客建立友好关系,找出潜在客户人群):

-Hey, before you go, here is a free sample of this other product our company is doing promotions on...

-Are you sure you don't want to think it over?  I would be able to throw in a free delivery if you order today...

-Hey, I really can't do anything about the price, but have a little tea before you leave...it's jasmine tea, very refreshing...

-Sorry that we couldn't have closed our deal, but if you'd like, you can have this as a little token of our thanks...

-I value your business so much that I'll also throw this in for free.  What do you say?

*这种技巧的好处主要有三。第一、“it opens up the customers for future sales even if you don't succeed this time around”(这样就算你这次没法成功,你也为自己与顾客在将来的销售/合作机会上打下了基础);第二、“it creates a sense of exchange”(这样你与顾客之间就默认形成了某种互惠、交换关系);第三、“it prevents a feeling of hostility even if negotiations are not successful”(这样就算谈判不成,双方之间就不会有尴尬、不悦情绪)。


-Sit down, let me fix you a sandwich...now, I need a tiny favor from you...

-I know you said that you're busy this Friday, but I want you to have this gift first anyway, in case that you do somehow manage to make it to the party.






作为销售人员我们可能经常会碰到顾客以:“我赶时间,还是下一次吧”为借口推托、拒绝我们的“sales advances”(推销主动出击)。这时咱们要想“扭转乾坤”就必须想法子说服对方“时间有限”,或是其他为何这时下决定购入商品/服务比较重要的理由说明。今天我们就一起来看一下这个所谓“best-time close”(最佳时间的销售说服技巧),也一起学习一些相关的英语短语和表达吧。


best time negotiate English

Photo: Dave-F

1。我们可以“invoke seasonal effects”(推崇说明一下季节性相关影响),比如说明一下适用于夏季、春节等等节日的商品特价或服务优惠:

-We only bring these into stock for the Christmas season.

-Summer is coming. Do you have all the garden furniture you need?

-These are stocked for this season only.  Are you sure you don't want to just take a minute to look around?

-You know, it's going to be Chinese New Year in less than a week, we carry beautiful looking lanterns and firecrackers...

2。再来咱们可以“remind them of other short-term reasons”(与他们说明一下一些短期内适用的理由),比如天气影响或是促销打折等等:

-The forecast for next week is that it's going to be sunny the whole week.  It'll be a great time to take the family out to enjoy the beach, and we carry a great assortment of beach-going merchandise including sun screens, bathing suits, swimming floats, etc.

-This sales promotion we're doing will be gone next week.  Come on in, take a minute, and look around.

-Our clearance sale will end in 10 days, you won't get another chance at our limited quality stock for these throwaway prices.

3。其他,比如与朋友或家人交涉时,其实也可以用到这一招。我们可以注意与对方阐明“no time is more of a better time than now”(没有比现在更好的时机了):

-This is a good time as any to start...

-What do you mean 'no time'?  You can get this over and done with in the time that we've wasted arguing with each other about this!

-Get moving, time's a wastin'.





作为“closing technique”(销售争取结果的技巧),我们经常会以条件交换来争取对方的“willingness to reciprocate”(愿意与咱们回礼),考虑购入推荐的商品或服务。这时常用的一招就是搬出经理来说话——因为对顾客来说,作为销售人员的我们愿意“go negotiate with the manager on their behalf”(为了他们去跟经理交涉),这就足以表示咱们的诚意。当我们作状去跟经理讨论之后,回来再与顾客相应的一些价格或是服务上面的优惠时,咱们的顾客肯定是万分感谢,也会随之爽快购入相应的商品了。



negotiate close English

Photo: lucamascaro

1。在跟客户交涉时,咱们在之前可以先提一个“中肯”的优惠价格,但并不是真正的“bottom line”(最后底线)价,可酌情在这之后搬出经理来说话,告诉客户如果他们真有这个诚意购入产品,咱们可以试着替他们去跟经理“讨优惠”:

-I'm sorry that's all the discount I'm allowed to give.  But if you're really interested in buying this, I can try taking it up with the manager and see if she's willing to shave off a little more for you.

-That's my best price right there.  If you're truly serious about placing your orders today, I can try and persuade the manager for a little more discount or equivalent benefits.

-My bottom line price...but if you're willing to buy two sets, I might be able to convince the manager to give you still more discounts or free delivery.

2。如果是跟朋友之间有交涉的,也可以用这招。“经理”可以换成其他“authority figure”(有权力的人物),比如父母、老师、敬重的前辈等等。咱们可以通过这种方法让对方更易于接纳我们的条件:

-You're serious about this, aren't you?  I'll try talking to our parents for you, but you must promise not to do anything irrational until I do.

-Are you sure you don't want to consider this other option?  I might be able to get the upperclassmen to help coach us and all.

-Are you sure?  Because I can always ask the teacher to help you out with homework like she did for me.





我们通常会认为制作工艺简单的商品,它的价值肯定偏低——因为物以稀为贵嘛。那么在认识到大众的这种“先入为主”观点同时,我们亦可考虑加以利用,以强调商品的工艺价值来赢得客户的青睐,让他们愿意(以原价)购入我们推荐的商品或服务。今天我们就一起来讨论一下这个称为“artisan close”(工艺大师促进谈判结果)技巧,也顺道学习一下相关的英语短语和表达吧。


negotiate skill English

Photo: quinet


-This appliance is fitted with the latest technology and has been designed to be most efficient when it comes to saving energy while ensuring greatest output.

-This car has been designed to provide best comfort and ease of driving.  It's also been tested thoroughly to ensure greatest protection for safety.

-This kitchen mixer has been manufactured by a name-brand company and they're very well-known for ensuring durability of product as well as top design.

-I have a dress here that is truly one-of-a-kind.  It's only available in two sizes and the collar and hem are just exquisitely designed.

-This set of dining table and chair has been handcrafted by a local furniture maker.  As you can tell from the beautiful varnish and carvings, he took pride in his work.

-It may seem like a simple adjustment, but it took three years of training to know how to make the right adjustment.


-I've spent hours perusing over the materials and finally came up with the most efficient way for us to work together.

-I've consulted with many specialists about this matter...

-I've gone to huge lengths putting this together.  Are you sure you want to turn me down without giving it some serious thought?





今天我们就再来讨论另外一种常用的谈判促结果技巧,称为“alternative close”(另一选择促结果技巧)。



alternative close English

Photo: katrinket

具体方法是“act as if the customer has already decided to buy”(先假装好似客户已经决定要买了),就只剩下询问一下“a limited number of options they should choose”(几个特定的选择让他们作决定)就谈妥了。


-Would you prefer the red one or the yellow one?

-Would you like one packet or two?

-Which of these three instruments seems best for you?

-When do you need it delivered?  We can give you a discount on the delivery charges if you buy today.

-I have this in two sizes, this item has been selling like crazy lately.  Do you want the bigger or smaller size?

-This is our hottest item in the store.  We've got it in three colors, and I can show them to you right over here.



-Shall we meet next week or the week after?

-Should we discuss about this further on Monday or Wednesday?

-Can you meet me tomorrow in the afternoon or perhaps the day after?

-I know some great restaurants on Central Avenue, and we can have lunch and talk this over.  Do you prefer Chinese or western food?

-Can you sign the papers today or should I bring them over again tomorrow?





在与他人推销物品时,我们经常会花很多口舌提醒对方有关商品外形、功能,乃至品牌上面的优势,而往往就忽略了商品价格这方面的讨论。因为在我们看来,商品价格,除非客户有异议,咱们是最好不要特意去“挑起”这个既敏感又关键的话题(better left alone than to raise up such a sensitive issue)。但其实价格很多时候又是客户最最关心的交涉条件,与其等待对方提起,咱们不妨可试着采取主动,设法“让对方买得起”。这下免去了他们最基本的顾虑和推托借口,咱这笔生意不成也得成呀!

今天我们就一起来讨论一下称之为“affordable close”(让对方买得起的谈判结束技巧)。


affordable close English

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1。首先,我们先下点功夫套话,“find how much they can afford”(看一下他们能够出得起多少价格),然后我们就“show that we have a finance plan that fits their capability to pay”(与他们表示我们的分期付款计划正好合适他们负担得了的范围):

-How much per month can you afford...yes, we can make a deal for that...

-If you'll tell me your budget, I'm sure we can work something out.

-What is ballpark figure of what you would be able to afford?  We can try and work around that.

2。再来,咱们还可以“bring in different ways of prioritizing”(试着加入不同的优先考虑),以使得对方“see the investment as beneficial in the long run”(看得出现在投资长期可期待的回报收益):

-The initial costs might seem a bit high, but this is a low maintenance machine and very durable.

-The subscription costs $25.99 each month, but you get a membership card that entitles you to monthly drawings of prizes – trips to Hainan, 50% off our merchandise, you name it.

-Think about the long term.  You pay $100 each month for insurance premium, but you're really buying yourself and your loved ones much needed security in case of emergencies.

3。最后我们还可以“strip down what is being sold to the bare minimum”(剔除掉多余部分,就只推荐最基础的商品);咱们亦可“sell the options as separate items”(把那些其他选择部分作为另外个别商品来推销):

The basic model will fit into your price range.  And you can add on the extra services when you need them.





一般我们会认为与他人谈判如果不能一下子拿下结果,那么之后交涉成功的几率就降低了许多,也因而我们会尽量争取能够一举成功。但也有个别情况,如果我们能够适当地给对方一点思考空间,主动提出作个停顿,其实也不失为一种积极作战方式。这种谈判技巧被称为“adjournment close”(停顿结束),即不求在谈判最后阶段一定需要敲定结果,而是期待再与对方充分时间考虑,让他们“reaffirm that they want to cooperate with us”(确认愿意跟咱们合作)。


negotiate tactic English

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1。当你可以看得出来,很显然“they are not going to decide now”(他们不准备现在做出决定):

A: I'm just interested in looking around a bit.  I'm not ready to decide on my purchase just yet.

B: Sure, I understand this is an important decision for you, and I'm going to try and answer any questions you may have today, so that you may make the best purchase possible.

2。当你觉得已经在谈判过程中与对方足够压力,并且“you are reasonably convinced that they will indeed seriously consider the deal and are likely to come back”(你有把握他们将会认真考虑谈判事宜,很有可能会再回来跟咱们继续交涉)的情况:

A: I am not sure, I would still like some time to sleep on it before I make the final decision.

B: Yes, I understand, and I will give you all the material we've discussed so far, and here are my contacts in case you have questions and concerns.

3。如果再与他们充分时间,“they will buy more”(他们极有可能会考虑再多购买)的情况:

A: I would like to buy them altogether, but I'm afraid I don't have the money on hand just yet.

B: If you are serious about wanting them both, I can keep them for you while you gather your funds.  Just tell me when will be the latest that you will have the money.

4。这笔交易对你来说更注重于“building a relationship”(建立一个长远合作关系),如果太过早让他们下决定而有所出错的,那么很可能就会毁了今后与他们持续合作的机会:

A: I don't know...I may need to consult with my boss about this.

B: Yeah, sure.  Shall we discuss the details further the next time I see you then?




我们都对以三个为一组的事物特别有印象(remember things best in threes) ,也通常都会觉得任何情况出不了“三”(things usually don't evolve beyond three stages);比如三只小猪、三个和尚打水、孙悟空三打白骨精,咱们都知道一次解决不了,第二次也失败,那第三次肯定得弄出个结局来。咱们其实在跟他人做交涉时也可以用到这个“三部曲”交涉法,以此来加深对方的印象,让他们觉得有了“三”就有了一个完整,是个能够令大家都能得“圆满”的结局。


rule of threes negotiate English

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1。首先,咱们可以用“三部曲”交涉法来“hammer home a single point we want to stress”(把一个咱们希望强调的主要内容有力地传达与对方):

This product is cheaper, faster and more reliable than the competition.

The houses here are better-looking, better-built and better-equipped than those on the other development.

This car is the newest model, easiest to drive, and of greatest value than the other vehicles in the lot.

Our cooperation has always been friendly, trustworthy, and beneficial for the both of our companies.

We simply deliver products better, cheaper, and faster than the other contractor that you're considering.

2。再来,咱们还可以利用“三部曲”交涉法来“spread it out to gain greater coverage”(扩大范围,这样可以覆盖更多的条件内容),以此来争取对方与我们合作的意愿:

This product consumes less energy, is of a better brand, and costs only a third of the price you're considering in buying the other product.

If you decide to negotiate with me, I guaranteed you the best deal, with bigger benefits, and we can sign off on the contracts today.

We aim to offer you the best quality, quickest delivery, and cheapest price.

If you buy today, we will give you 50% discount, free two-year warranty, and a membership card to take advantage of more discounts with other purchases later.




今天将为大伙儿介绍另一个“closing technqiue frequently used in sales”(销售说服技巧):“minor point close”(以小攻大说服技巧)。所谓‘以小攻大’即是指先从小细节入手,在跟对手谈判时着重在“minor points”(次要内容)上面下点功夫,取得对方的认可和信任,这样当咱们最后把‘大鱼’端上桌,要求对方‘买账’时也不会显得太唐突(not all of a sudden),令对手感到手足无措(make the opposing party feel overwhelmed)而最终砸了快到手的买卖。今天我们就一起来聊一下这个说服技巧的应用以及相关英语词汇和表达吧。


negotiate skill English

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1。当你是汽车销售人员试着跟客户交流时,可以先着重了解一下一些对方的相关“preferences”(喜欢的事物)。这样客户也会相对地“relax their defenses”(放松他们原有的抵抗),有利于最终促进他们跟你交易:

-If you did go ahead (with buying the car), would you want leather or vinyl upholstery?

-Would you want the stick shift or the automatic?

-Would you prefer silver or red?

-Will this be your first car?

-What do you like about this particular car model?

-What budget do you have in mind?

2。当你是房产中介跟希望购房的客户打交道时也同样可以试着用这样一个方法来初步“clarify their thinking and opinions”(明确了解一下他们相关的想法和意见),以便于今后进一步的合作和谈判:

-If you chose this home, which of these bedrooms would be the nursery for your new baby?

-How would you arrange the furniture in the living room?

-And the balcony out front?  How would you have liked to decorate it for the summer?

-Will this be your first home?

-What would be the ideal size for your home?


-Tell me why you are so set with continuing on your way even though you're obviously unhappy.

-I am listening.

-I would like to know how you feel and why you feel the way you do.  I can try to help you better this way.





When your credibility is compromised, what steps do you take to rectify the situation?

*在回答时我们应该注意说一下如何通过全面了解“all issues involved in a negotiation”(所有跟谈判有关的资料和题目),从而来“strengthen our bargaining power”(提升咱们的交涉能力)。这样就算是有所失误,也不至于因为一时的问题而搞得全盘皆输。


interview negotiation skill English

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Credibility is everything in any negotiation.  I've learned just how important it is to keep on top of all issues involved during the negotiating process.

I was part of a negotiation team for our company with a big client.  We had deadlocked on the several issues, including shipping date and final price.

Our leader had then made the autonomous decision to stand firm on the final price but give in to the client by agreeing to a much earlier shipping date.

But we haven't talked with our contractors first, and it turned out that they were not able to supply the full merchandise within the required time slot.

We could not risk compromising our credibility so we as a team looked over the entire negotiation to try and find some ways to make the situation right again.

It was learned in our memo notes that the client had required a better quality merchandise, but we had talked him into agreeing to this current one. 

We contacted our contractor and found out that they can come up with the required better quality merchandise a little later than the shipping date we had agreed with the client.

We then wrote a proposal to offer the client the better quality merchandise at the same discount price we had agreed on but request that he allow a later shipping date.

The client was happy to hear that we can supply the original merchandise he had wanted after all, and at discount price too.  So of course, he agreed to the later shipping date. 






Have you had an experience where you realized that you had to be more positive and persuasive when selling you ideas to others? What did you learn from this experience?

在回答这个问题时我们需要提一下咱们一直都在留意提高交涉能力。虽说经常会碰到临时状况,或是自己处理事情有不妥,被他人提醒时也能够接受“constructive criticism”(有实用价值的批评),努力从实践中不断累积经验和知识。


interview negotiation skill English

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I was taking calls as a front desk receptionist at the time. 

And I was always just concentrated on solving problems for our customers and sticking to the brochures.

Then I had gotten this call from one of our guests, he was frantic that he had lost his valuables in the cab on the way to the hotel.

Obviously this was not normally a problem that we could help with and I had instead tried directing the guest to call the cab company immediately.

He was just too frantic and distraught at the moment to listen to reason and was yelling through the phone at me, calling me out for being unsympathetic and insensitive, and for me to do something right away.

I was offended but I realized that I had been all business-like with helping him.  So I told him that I understand his frustration, and I would like to help him recover his valuables.

After being more sympathetic with him, the guest managed to calm down.  He found the receipt for the cab fare and listened to my advice about calling the cab company right away. 

I realized then that helping customers resolve problems and getting people to trust your advice/proposal meant more than following brochures, that sometimes you need to impress them with your ability to sympathize and listen.





When was the last occasion that you were given an assignment to develop your mediating skills, and what was the conclusion?



negotiate interview question English

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I told my supervisor that I would be able to handle the afternoon meeting with a female manager from another company to sort out some details of our cooperative project.

He was more than happy to accept because he had another meeting to attend.  I had worked with him since the beginning of the project, so I know all the ropes.

He just reminded me of our objectives and I assured him that I understood.

When the meeting came up, I had started right away on laying out the pros and cons and tried to assure my client that we need to go a certain way because it is more beneficial.

Ms. Lawson, the female manager from the other company, was not impressed.  She told me that I could have sent her memorandum in the email, and she wouldn't have to come all the way down for this.

I was taken aback at first, but then I realized that I needed to readjust my strategies; the tactics that I had gotten used to with male clients obviously don't work as well.

I apologized and asked her if she would like something to drink.  I told her that I am here to go over the details with her and we can sort out any questions or problems as we go along.

She became more relaxed, and in the end, I still managed to get her to agree to most of our objectives.





What skills do you use when you need to influence the way other people think?

我们在回答时应该注意提一下一些具体的“tactics and techniques”(技巧和特殊做法),比如“attack the issue, not the person”(对问题提出异议,而不是击中攻击对方),或是“meet halfway technique”(互相做一下让步,好让双方可以在中间点做个妥协)等等。回答以上提问的重点就是要尽量说得具体一点,不能一笔带过。


negotiate interview question English

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I was at this meeting with a client who had a huge vendetta about how we've handled her complaints. 

She threatened to discontinue her business with us and demanded a full refund.  She was getting really personal with her attacks.

I simply held my tongue and listened.  Then, I told her that we're here to work out the issues, not attack each other.  I told her I was willing to listen to what she has to say, to her complaints.

She calmed down and started talking about what it was that got her so fired up in the first place. 

We discussed the problem and possible solutions to resolve the conflict.

She was very firm about some points, and I had some things that I couldn't overlook.  In the end, I got her to accept a 40% refund and vouchers as peace offerings.

I told her that we value her business very much and thanked her for bringing the problem to our attention, so that we can improve our services.

In the end, she was so happy and pleased that she even apologized for her behavior earlier. 

So I think that the willingness to empathize with the other party, to listen and then to persuade them to accept a certain offer are all very important in making that deal a success.




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